Our mission is to help teams building life-saving products get to market quickly and scale successfully. For this purpose, Nestegg Labs is a start-up formed to create new, breakthrough technology to empower and propel the life science industry forward.

With partners in the life science and regenerative medicine industry, Nestegg wants to bring affordable, flexible and fully controllable automation into the laboratory. Specifically, in support of cell culture technology.


We are experiencing a keen interest from Dutch academic hospitals and institutions to automate existing work practices to accelerate research validation.

We have an expected 149% equity IRR with 47% average EBITDA margin and EUR 68M per year revenue by 2025;

$18.9Bn expected target market

Our products

Obruza, our flagship product, was developed to accelerate the production of new therapies by automating cell culture processes and cellular assays. This system will automate lab work using the current standard tools and workflow that researchers are familiar with.

This is achieved by using a proprietary adaptor (Unaflux) that controls fluid and gas exchange. Adapting to the user’s tools and methods will greatly increase the ease of use and lower the barrier of entry.