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Transforming cell research with adaptive automation

NestEgg Labs was formed by scientists frustrated by the status quo of manual cell research.

Our Products

We sell devices and software that enable users to do more with the tools and protocols they already enjoy.


Feed-Lid automates media exchange on a 6-well plate enabling researchers to automate their work using familiar tools and program their own protocols through the user-friendly Ovation interface. This approach reduces the learning curve and accelerates the adoption of our system. This reusable consumable serve as an entry point to our product lineup, and it is available now!


Ovation remotely automates media exchange, microscopy, and incubation transforming cell research into a reliable process by automating the most tedious, sensitive, and error-prone phases of the process. Leveraging machine learning, Ovation tracks cell growth, identifies pathogens or anomalies, and even predicts failures in advance, saving valuable time and resources. Ovation will launch Q4 2025


Vitellus is a powerful app developed to streamline and standardize cell-based research. It serves as the core interface between Ovation hardware and any operating system, enabling researchers to automate their work on the cloud. With Vitellus, researchers can combine data from experiments with their handwritten lab notes while connecting to machine learning for analysis & prediction.


Beta testing Q4 2024


Custom Solutions

Customization and attention to detail ensure that every customer receives
solutions that not only meet but exceed their expectations.

Customized solutions for Innovators

At NestEgg Labs, we specialize in offering personalized solutions for individuals conducting experiments in labs and similar environments.

We take pride in understanding each client’s specific needs and crafting customized products to meet those requirements precisely.

If you’re a scientist looking to simplify your complex cell research with automation without breaking the bank, reach out to us at:

Model of Custom device made for specialized customer application

Meet the Team

Tanner Carden

CEO, Founder

Award winning entrepreneur with 10 years experience in lab automation, fundraising, public speaking, team building, project management, and 3D printing.

Hans Keijdener

Tech Lead

Award-winning expert in cell research, biomedical engineering, 3D printing, and microscopy.

Dr. Francesco Pappalardo

Cell Biology Expert, Investor

Subject matter expert with a PhD in Regenerative Medicine, microscopy, research, grant writing, and agile PM, Lean 6 Sigma green belt.


Growth Manager

A “cold-calling machine”, botanist, chemist, and expert in selling & marketing to research labs.

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If you’re a scientist looking to simplify your complex cell research with automation affordably, 

drop us a line:

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