Clever Automation Made Simple

NestEgg Labs automates cell culture during the most tedious, sensitive, and error-prone phases

A Targeted Approach

Research is often lengthy and laborious, requiring long hours spent watching the growth and movement of cells under a microscope.

Constant monitoring is a must, with even the slightest mistake altering results altogether – making the process inefficient and costly.

We believe there is a better way to do research. With our products, the most error-prone steps are automated, inside your incubator on your benchtop.

Lend yourself a hand. Do research cleverly and conveniently with NestEgg.

Meet Our Team

Tanner Carden
Tanner Carden CEO / Founder
Tanner is one of the founding members of Nestegg. His extensive background working in a biology lab and 3D printers led to the initial design concept of Obruza and Unaflux.

He handles the business development and system integration while assuring that the standards and customers expectations are being met.

Francesco Pappalardo
Francesco PappalardoCTO
Francesco has a PHD in bioengineering. He worked at the frontline of developing bioartificial corneas and culture platforms to overcome shortage of cornea donors.

His background that includes endothelial developmental biology, biosensing, and biofabrication techniques for 3D in vitro models are vital to Nestegg.

Ready for a real solution?

We at NestEgg love to work with innovators and forward-thinkers; whether that’s trying out Ovation, or finding ways to collaborate and invest in the clever future of research. Get in touch with us today!